Top Places to Eat near El Cerrito

Top Places to Eat near El Cerrito

Here is a list of the top places to eat near El Cerrito


Alan Carey El Cerrito

I will keep the list in close proximity to El Cerrito and only include restaurants in the directly connected towns.

  • Kensington
    • Kensington Pub – This is a great place for beer and fish and chips
    • Kensington Inn – This is one of our favorite breakfast places with good biscuits
  • Berkeley
    • Longbranch – This is one of our new favorite locations with top quality items up and down the menu.
    • 900 Grayson – Another great breakfast location with awesome chicken and waffles
    • Tacubaya – This is a perfect taco shop and they have the best Al Pastor!
  •  Albany
    • Delhi Diner – Solano is packed with Indian restaurants, but this is one of favs with a great chicken Tikka Masala